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A Worker Incentive Program That Actually Works

Finally, a solution that directly links your project budgets to team incentives, with worker level visibility, tracking and rewards that creates real motivation

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A screen shot of the labor goal screen designed to help lower labor costs.
A panting of paper airplane with no background
ProPay Budget Sent to Workers! 4/8/21 8:42AM
A tick sign in a box with no background
James St ProPay Approved 4/17/21 3:21PM
A star sign in green color with no background
Bonus Earned - Click for Details 4/18/21 8:15AM
A dollar sign in a circle with no background
Budget Goals Met for April 5/1/21 8:30AM
A man in a hard hat overseeing lower labor costs at a construction site.
Supervisor Adam Mathis

Never seen you guys work this hard! Great Job!

A construction worker smiling with a hard hat, showcasing lower labor costs.
Worker Michael Thomas

Crew is motivated. Let's start that next ProPay!

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Integration & Connect

Keep your current systems lets us automate your process

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Stop Missing Deadlines

Protiv users finish head of schedule 70% or more!

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Recruit & Retain

Attract the best workers with better incentives

A man with brown hairs smiling at the camera

Rob Yarbro

“Never seen my workers this productive. Profits are up. Revenues are up. Workers love it. It's a game changer.”

Rob Yarbro

What is the best way to motivate workers?

Simple hourly pay is not motivating

A smiley sad face in black color with no background
Hourly Pay
  • Increased Overtime
  • Jobs Behind Schedule
  • Poor Accountability
  • Lower Productivity
  • Less Teamwork
  • Limited Communication
A share going upside sign with no background
Performance Based Pay
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Improved Schedule Performance
  • Peer Accountability
  • Increased Production
  • Aligned Teams
  • Improved Communication

The right bonus program gets the team engaged

A construction worker wearing a hard hat and smiling.

Hey, did everyone see the ProPay goal for this new job on Jones St?

A construction worker with lower labor costs holding a tool in his hand.

Yep - we can beat that, just like we did last week. Making money guys!

A businessman in a blue shirt with his arms crossed, reflecting the advantage of lower labor costs.

Check to confirm the materials are ready, so we don't waste time tomorrow. Let's go!

Motivate your workers & save on your next job

Workers want to earn more money. Let them self-fund their bonuses

It’s a win-win

Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

A circle of logos showcasing lower labor costs, set against a sleek black background.

Step #1

Import your team in 5 minutes

  • 40+ integrations
  • No need to change current software or process

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“My team had their first ProPay in less than 10 minutes. By the following week we were ahead of schedule. It is so easy. I love it.”

– Aaron Strom, Perennial Construction

Step #2

Enter Labor Budget to Establish Goal

Budgets can be entered in hours, amounts, and/or units. No need to change your estimating process!

“What if I have longer term projects with multiple trades?”

No problem. Just set milestones for the job, based on your current schedule, phases, trades, etc.


A screen shot of the labor goal screen designed to help lower labor costs.
A screenshot of a mobile app showing a pay stub for a job.
A message symbol in green color with no background
Worker invitation sent 09:07PM
A human icon sign in green color with no background
Onboarding Complete 10:16 PM
A human icon with arrow sign in green color with no background
Workers set Bonus Goal 16:34 PM
A paper with a paper plane symbol in green color
Workers track progress to goal 19:00 PM

Step #3

Workers get notified of the job details and your goals

  • Workers receive a mobile notification
  • Quickly check bonus potential
  • Transparency that builds trust!

Start Free Trial

“What if my workers don’t speak English?”

We support English and Spanish with many more on the way.

Step #4

Analyze results, approve for quality and pay bonuses in minutes

Check reporting to see how many hours you saved on each job.

“I use to spend hours tracking and calculate bonuses on an excel. Protiv does it instantly. I distribute the bonus based on hours worked and weighted based on the workers wage. So easy!”

Joel Boyd, Coast2Coast Industrial

James street commercial page with details
A congratulation certificate with output report
Set your requirement for bonus option page

What about Quality & Safety?

“Quality and safety improve with ProPay. The team begins to hold each other accountable. Nobody wants to be the one to cost their team the bonus.”

– Jeff Long, Long Bros Construction

Here’s why 1000’s of users love Protiv

Jason Haywood

Operations Manager, Coradi Construction

“Everyone on the crew is paying more attention to the job now”.

Matt Schmit

Owner 3rd Generation Remodeling

“I don’t have to micromanage any longer.”

LeRoy Mains

Owner Brilliant Borders Landscaping

“You are going to see a huge increase in productivity.”

Caleb Friedmann

Controller, C&R services

“They have killed it on every single project”

Chris Price

Property Manager, Vack Investments

 “I highly recommend it.”

Joel Boyd

Owner, Coast 2 Coast Industrial

“It helps us recruit the best team members”

Rob Yarbro

Owner, Western View Painting

“There is a sense of ownership.”

Kyle Takacs

Project Manager, Coast2Coast Industrial

“We have gone into a whole new efficiency gear.”

FOX USA Today Daily Herald written with no background

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Construction leaders across the country are using Protiv to improve quality, safety and get 20% more production.

When Will You?

Super fast to set up and start

  • Incentive program that provides a 20x returns
  • Workers love the program.
  • Works with existing software

Guarantee your workers want to hit your job goals with Protiv.