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Linking workers’ pay to what
gets done will

Pay workers for performance. Lowering labor cost by up to 30%.

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Set Target Labor Budget

Protiv allows companies to fix their labor cost for each project, based on the desired profit margin. The target amount is the incentive for workers. They beat it, they get a bonus.

Estimated Labor Cost
ProPay Target Labor
Savings Goals
$ 400
20 hours
Estimated Hours to Complete
max h. 171.43
  • Potential Bonus
  • ProPay Wage

Motivate your team!

Protiv converts the target budget to number of max hours for workers on each job. By knowing the goal, they plan how to get ahead of schedule. The calculator lets them forecast their bonus amount, depending on when they think they will finish.



Protiv result saving Savings $ 400
Protiv result bonus Bonus $ 324
Protiv result output Output 18 %

Companies with Protiv are more profitable

Reducing labor costs is just the beginning. Getting more from your team will allow you to complete jobs faster, even using a smaller team if you choose. Works for all types of trades at companies from 2 to 2000.

Trade verticals
Labor Cost
Worker Output

Loved by the Entire Team

Company owners, supervisors, and workers all mutually benefit from Protiv

For Brett and I, as owners, this is the tool we've been looking for to help streamline our labor percentage, which is critical because last year it got out of control. On the employee side, I think they feel way more involved in the business now because we're actually sharing how much we should be spending on labor.

Mercus Ohio Signature Painting


Ohio Signature Painting

The results we saw from using Protiv was not exactly what we expected. Incentivizing our employees was obvious, but it did so much more than that for my company. It brought to light existing issues that were not very visible until the app created an urgency for our employees to take ownership of the project and contract. I noticed our employees were doing a lot of extra work to get jobs done before using Protiv that technically required change orders. This alone created a lot of extra revenue. Once employees reported issues not in our scope of work we were able to add additional revenue that was being missed and actually eating away profits instead. Not only did it bring to light free work that we were handing out, but it also weeded out the bad seeds in our company which created a cancer to the culture of the teams. We were able to streamline our crews and increase our profit by simply implementing Protiv.

jeff Longbro’s Construction


Longbro’s Construction

We implemented Protiv after searching high and low for a way to get my workers to hit budget. Protiv is brilliant in its simplicity, and now my team doesn’t want to work without it. I only make money on projects that have ProPays because the guys work smarter and don’t eat the clock. This is the single greatest productivity tool I have ever seen.

Aaron Perennial Construction


Perennial Construction

Protiv has changed the game for my business. By having employees feel like they are sharing in the wins, it has increased morale and excitement toward trying to gain efficiencies on the job site. What I thought would be a good pay incentive, ended up being much more. The teams have become more self-sufficient, engaged in their performance, and always looking for a way to get an edge instead of just collecting a paycheck.

Matt 3rd Gen Remodeling


3rd Gen Remodeling

As a growth focused contractor we are always looking to innovate. ProTiv has been incredibly useful and flexible as we try out different models. We are able to use it and encourage everyone on the jobsite towards a common goal of productivity. It has become standard practice in our business processes.

Stevan PaintJet



As a property manager for Short Term Rentals my cleaner cost has been on a rise. I dropped my cost per check in by 20% by issuing ProPays. It really was shocking how much more productive my team became.

Chris Price Vack

Chris Price


As a manager I never realized how disconnected my workers were to the actual labor budget. Just the simple fact of easily communicating a target budget while incentivizing them to beat it was a game changer. It makes a job costing a hell of a lot easier.

Oliver Castanteen Construction Superintendent

Oliver Castanteen

Construction Superintendent

I have been using ProPay for a few years now. It keeps me motivated. It helps me and my family. Allowing me to control my pay and help me save money with my son in college. I am the only income in my house right now. I love ProPay

Patrick Stephans Painter

Patrick Stephans


ProPay makes me do many things I couldn’t do before. It motivates me to make extra money I never had before. I am motivated to not waste time. It helped me so much that I was able to go on a trip and pay for my kids. It makes me think differently about my day.

Hollis Straker Painter

Hollis Straker


ProPay helps me pay my mortgage and send my daugher to school. That extra money helps me take care of my family. If I finish early I get paid for what I get done, not just being there. It's a huge motivator.

Philbert Matthews Painter

Philbert Matthews


I’ve been on ProPay for many jobs now. You can always tell when workers are on ProPay and not hourly. They have energy and a reason for working hard, because they will make more money.

Lester Vargas Carpenter

Lester Vargas


ProPay is the only way I like to get paid now. At first I was worried the company was taking advantage. Now I feel like we are on the same team. The better I do. I know the company wins too.

Frank Palma Carpenter

Frank Palma


I am a painter and plasterer, I have 5 years of experience working with the company, I have been working with pro pay for 2 years, I helps me and my family, the faster you finish a project, the more benefits you get, its more money for us, It helps us development as the hard-working human being that we are, I am happy with pro pay, with more production and less time is more growth

Luis Cazatelli Painter

Luis Cazatelli


I have been working with ProPay for around 3 years now, It keeps me focus. I like making money outside my normal hourly wage.

Tapias Manuel



I have been working with perennial ProPay for 3 years, since I started working with ProPay things are better for me, I can send more money to my family in Santo Domingo, I can buy more things than before when I was working regular hours, I recommend it it's good.

Edwin Villar Painter

Edwin Villar


Built by Contractors, for Contractors

Protiv was developed by David Franco and Michael Fortinberry, two partners in a 100 person NYC based renovation company.  Employing carpenters, painters, cleaners, flooring teams, tile installers and more, Protiv has been used on many different trades.  Further, the team has direct experience in landscaping, roofing, electrical and more.  The team at Protiv understands the challenges of our industry.

Construction worker doing work

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What about Quality?

Protiv aligns your workers to quality standards. Managers have full control and approve any bonus. Team members have shared with us that their approach to quality changes on ProPay jobs

As one carpenter put it:

“Going back costs me too much money.”

Worker using the technology
Target Budget $ 3600
Actual Spend $4000
Worker Wage $25/hr*
Overage $400
*Initial minimum wage set regardless of number of hours
budget barbudget diagram

What happens when a job goes over budget?

If a job goes over schedule, the employee won’t earn a bonus. Employees on jobs that go over are paid their normal hourly rate. However, on ProPay jobs, their motivation results in fewer jobs going over.

Seamless integration

Protiv integrates with your existing time tracking and Job management software. We link to your existing data to seamlessly calculate your teams efficiency on each ProPay. Currently tracking time manually? No problem. Our simple easy to use software accommodates.

Time & Job Data Payroll & Performance Data
  • Reporting

    Multiple reports to enhance visibility to company operations, giving details never before accessible.

  • Productivity Report

    Which jobs are finishing ahead of schedule and which jobs are behind. Do you have teams that consistently outperform? Are you estimating labor correctly? When you go over, is it by a little or a lot?

  • Wage Growth Report

    Which employees are consistently seeing bonuses and which are struggling to deliver on/ahead of schedule. With a ProPay, if an employee is not earning bonus dollars, their hourly rate is set above their production value.

Growth Report

Your Potential

Please enter your data to see your full potential. Results may vary based on industry, implementation, and other factors. We will work with you to get the best outcome.

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Protiv Reduces the Time Wasted by Workers

With Protiv, you can directly link your team’s wages to what they get done each day. It has never been easier to get control over labor costs, reward your best workers and finish more jobs ahead of schedule.