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Earn more money on ProPay.

Automatically. Period.

Congrats! Your employer has launched Protiv, a revolutionary incentive program for hourly workers. Protiv provides you automatic bonus pay, based on your safety, quality and productivity. The quicker you complete a job, the higher your hourly rate.

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    On average, employees see a 10% increase in hourly wages
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    Over 80% of employees saw an immediate increase – on their first ProPay job.
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    Over 99% of employees on ProPay do not want to go back to normal “hourly" pay, without a bonus. As for the 1% who do... we don't understand it either!

“ProPay is much better. I make more money. Some of us were worried at first, but now we all know that ProPay is better and nobody wants normal hourly pay.”

Frank P, Carpenter

“I’ve been on ProPay for many jobs now. You can always tell when workers are on ProPay and not hourly. They have energy and a reason for working hard, because they will make more money.”

Lester R, Handyman

“ProPay has allowed us to pay our workers more and improve our gross margins at the same time. It has gone so well that we could never go back to normal hourly. My workers would get upset!”

Aaron S, Painting Company Owner

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It's simple and automatic!

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What is a ProPay?

A ProPay is a target budget for completing an assigned scope of work. We translate to amount of max hours allowed on the project. It can be assigned to one or multiple people.

How do I receive my ProPay?

When a ProPay is assigned you will be notified through SMS with a link with all the details. Details will show amount, who else is assigned, project reference, and further information.

Can I make less than my hourly rate?

If the ProPay exceeded the budget you will receive your current hourly wage that your employer assigned you. You may not earn a bonus, but there is no downside.

How is ProPay split with multiple people?

Outside of everyone's normal wage earnings the remaining bonus is split based generally on the number of hours each worker put into the job. The specifics of each job are found on the ProPay Details page.

How are ProPays’ paid?

Employees are paid their normal hourly rate during their current payroll cycle. When a manager approves the ProPay a bonus is created if the project beats the budget and goals. Most come on your next paycheck, but ask your supervisor about your company process for this.


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